City of Bath Heraldic Society Past Programmes

  Saturday 18th August   A visit to see the glories of Lydiard Tregoze Church   with Arline Fisher

  Saturday 20th October   Lecture: The Heraldry of Honour (augmentations)   by Roland Symons

  Saturday 17th November   Lecture: Aspects of Heraldry in Glamorgan   by Anthony Jones


Saturday 8th December

  Christmas Party, with a light look at some seasonal heraldry  

by Michael Messer


Saturday 19th January

  Lecture: The English Hatchment   by Dr. Andrew Gray
  Saturday 16th February  

Lecture: Steve's Heraldic Favourites

  by Stephen Slater

  Saturday 15th March  

Lecture: Arms of the Royal Consorts

  by Anthony Ryan
  Saturday 19th April  

Lecture: Thornbury Castle and its Owners

  by Catherine Constant
  Saturday 17th May   Annual General Meeting    
  Sunday 31st May   Garden Party    
Saturday 30th Aug   BATH HERALDRY DAY A Special Event to Celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary of the City of Bath Heraldic Society

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