City of Bath Heraldic Society Past Programmes

  Saturday 21st October 2006   The Heraldic Tiles of Neath Abbey   Anthony Jones

  Saturday 18th November 2006   Social Background and Use of the Visitations   Alex Maxwell Findlater

  Saturday 9th December 2006   Art and Artists of the Heralds' Visitations 1450 -1700   Adrian Ailes
  Saturday 20th January 2007   Water in Heraldry   Michael Messer
  Saturday 17th February 2007   Animals in Heraldry   Arline Fisher

  Saturday 17th March 2007   Shakespeare's Heraldry   Cynthia Lydiard Cannings

  Saturday 21st April 2007   Heraldry in Bermuda   David Vaudrey

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