City of Bath Heraldic Society Heraldry Cards

  Each of Roland Symons' cards is a miniature Roll of Arms, with his full-colour illustrations of the arms or insignia of a particular group of people or institutions.  Reduced reproductions are shown below, with the sizes and prices of the originals. The cards themselves can be purchased from Roland (please include a stamped addressed envelope of suitable size):

Roland Symons Esq.

5 Weatherley Avenue

  Alternatively, you will find the cards on sale at meetings of the City of Bath Heraldry Society, the White Lion Society, and the Heraldry Society

  Title Size Price

Royal arms Richard I to Elizabeth II

  21x15 cm   50p

Battle of Trafalgar - commanders and ships' badges

  21x15 cm   50p

Garter Kings of Arms - William Bruges to Thomas Woodcock

  21x15 cm   50p

Clarenceux Kings of Arms - Andrew 'Clarencell' to Patric Dickinson

  21x15 cm   50p

Norroy and/or Ulster Kings of Arms - Peter de Horbury to Henry Paston-Bedingfeld

  21x15 cm   50p

Lord Lyon Kings of Arms - Alexander Nairne of Saintfoord to Robin Orr-Blair

  15x21 cm   out of print

The Dukes

  21x15 cm   50p

The Marquesses

  21x15 cm   50p

The English Earls   21x15 cm   50p

The Great Twelve Livery Companies

  15x21 cm   50p

Anglican Dioceses in England

  15x11 cm   30p

Durham University and Colleges

  15x11 cm   50p

English Officers of Arms:
Arms and Badges

  15x11 cm   50p

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